Saturday, July 18, 2009

Oh You Who

“Momma take this badge off of me. I can’t use it any more.” What does this mean? “Knockin on Heaven’s door” I can understand. “Momma put my guns in the ground. I’m sick and tired of the war.” Oh yeah--Momma. Here we go again. Circle around. In my own aural plain, I’m into the bass and guitar and drum interaction around 2:23.

I’ve learned now, when you have a big commitment, don’t be afraid to bring out what you know is strong. Today’s musical track is a ‘for real’ rendition of the “Guns & Roses” prayer/visualization, known as “Knock, Knock, Knockin on Heaven’s Door.” For some reason, the MP3 is not picking up Jerry and Scot and Kenny, harmonizing with each other, from their corners of the room. Boo hoo. Any regular listener can by now, probably close their eyes and listen along and hear all these parts that could have been and are still yet to be.

Today’s (can you tell) “Art By the Ream” piece is a charming contemplation of contemplation itself. I love the gaze of love being so whole-heartedly dished out by out little fishy friend. He seems to be a very aware little trout. A trout with high expectations/aspirations. Aspirations cover the gap between the spaces of the world, in a breath. And just what are our trout-man’s deepest aspirations? They seem to be quite a bit about trying to communicate despite the obvious.

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