Thursday, July 16, 2009

GNO Again

Time is twisting for me again, primarily because I ‘m once again left here filling in so many, many blanks. Tomorrow I’m going to talk about pirate treasure. Today I’m going to talk about reaching into a jar at the dentist’s office and pulling out that adjustable two-carat sapphire ring—non-tooth-rotting dentist pay-off—TREASURE to any magpie. Today’s track is just such a prize. I’m pretty sure this tape you’re hearing is the ‘master’—meaning—that this is it. This is probably the one and only existent version, in the whole wide universe, of this song-- and you, loyal followers, are hearing it here first.

Today’s artwork is another ‘Art By the Ream’ piece. Scot actually invested quite a bit of time here on this drawing, developing the stance of the girl on the plane, cross-hatching out some tension. I like the multiple versions that stretch over quite of bit of narrative landscape.

GNO. It starts with an absolute.

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