Friday, July 17, 2009

Do Do Do Do

Went looking for another little gem today. What I found was a beautiful golden nugget, plucked out of the gravel and raging current of my life. I’m thinking I may have only heard this song one time before. I don’t remember it on any other demo or set list. What a shame. I love the kicky beat and snappy lyrics. There’s one more version of the song, coming up almost immediately on the tape. I’ll save that for another day. Calling it, “Do Do Do Do?” Once again, Scot is playing all the instruments on the demo, as well as doing all the singing. This track was recorded the winter of 1991 in the living room of our house in Iowa City Iowa.

Today’s drawing is an “art by the ream” piece I pulled out of the pile. It is a ball-point pen drawing, done—yes--on typing paper, so not-archival. I really recommend that you blow these drawings up.

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