Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Eyes Have It

Firing away, “Lyric Jam #2. Here’s one way that Scot wrote so many songs. Was reminded at church today, UU BREAKOUT CONGREGATION that it is, about the concept of justice. In a nutshell, there are those who believe that justice has to do with following the laws. Here’s the rub. Not all laws are just. We know that. Slavery. Women’s’ right to vote. So…for anyone who has a sense about these things, or who has thought more than five minutes about the subject, justice is not measured by laws. It is not measured by assumptions. It is measured by the thin, obtuse, yet translucent film of truth. Truth is a measure that can’t be tweaked.

Today’s entry came together in pieces. Making up for lost time, I worked simultaneously on four entries today. For those nine of you who tune in everyday, I’ m sorry. It must be somewhat confusing, if not distracting to tune in and not find a loyal entry, there and ready to ingest. Doing what I can, which is, after all, one third of the twelve words.

I’m calling today’s musical track, “Lyric Jam #2.” Here’s the real thing. Scot Halpin in the middle of his creative process. Once again, he is playing all the tracks and setting up the situations for him to move into a melodic trance, setting out with the hope of returning with a few sacred poetic jewels. I do not think this song was ever developed beyond this track.

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