Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Amazing Grace

As I contemplate my official final entry of the T. Scot Halpin Memorial Blog, I am left with a tremendous sense of circle. Today was spent remembering minute by minute the course of another day. Circling around another through another year. I now fully understand that the reason the anniversaries are intense is that the “that was then, this is now” comparison becomes quite stark.

Two years have now passed since the last day that T. Scot Halpin walked this Earth. On that last day, he cut his son’s hair, did research on the Internet, and ate homemade soup for lunch with me. A few hours later his spirit left his mortal body. Scot was truly preparing to cross over in an angelic way.

For weeks before he died, he made me shut off the news. Instead we listened to wonderful self-help tapes and talks by famous teachers. He cut up magazine pictures and made a huge collage. It was only after he had passed that I realized that he had made a big poster of beautiful sunsets, people smiling and hugging one another. He set this up across from his bed so that when he couldn’t sleep, he could look over and see these beautiful things.

There are certain very poignant moments when the memory of Scot’s physical reality pour in. One for instance today, I just found a pair of reading glasses (that first belonged to my Mom) that Scot had taken to use. Yes even Super Blue Eyes needed readers.

Scot chewed things, and in this case, it was the arms of those glasses. We know for sure Scot was here because of those chew marks. In this case, “I chewed, therefore I am.” works. Now at the two-year marker, I am strangely confused. Scot is still so alive in my heart that I feel almost no separation, yet here I remain, living a new life, full to the very brim, but utterly confounded by the chew marks on a pair of glasses.

This being the last official blog entry I think I am allowed some sentimentality? As for today’s musical track, I have to admit, I had found a long time ago. It had to be this song. Scot, in my opinion, had been given grace. He was a great man. He was a humble man. As I wrote in his obituary, he left this world on a beam of radiant love light. I will forever shine in his grace.

This is a BC session with friend Mike Stiegltz on guitar. Scot is singing lead vocals and playing bass. I direct your listening attention to the lovely guitar interplay with Scot’s bass—both Mike and Jerry Farnsworth, who is the man responsible for bringing this wonderful window into the life of T. Scot Halpin.
A sweeter refrain there could never be, “I once was lost, but now I’m found, I was blind, but now I see.”

Another reality blip is the little cough on the tape, yes there Scot sat in that room creating this beautiful music, but he was also a man who coughed. In this case the saying must go, “I cough, therefore I am.” I love that the track skips to Scot solo, (just how he like it, heavy on the echo), right down to the hand- claps.

As for the artwork, this is an art-by the ream piece done in 2004. A familiar theme--by the light of a candle—light a candle against the darkness--this little light of mine. Candle as focal point. Candle as illumination. Keep a candle burning in the window.

The last word is, this is not the last word. I do plan to go back and fill in all those blank post pages. Fill in the stories I left out, but I intend to keep making posts to the blog. When I come across a piece of artwork as I'm working in the archive, that screams out, share me. I will. So keep posted. I will also be adding a face to my silloette and facebook, so look for more information about the work of T. Scot Halpin, alive and well in the world, as well as all the other stuff I'm doing, go to my facebook page, Robin Halpin Young.

Finally, thank you, to all who have followed me on this journey. We are all part of a beloved circle. Thank you with all my heart. rhy


Farns Blog said...

You have worked on a project that is so impressive! Bringing Scot's music and images together with all the other comments has been very healing for those that knew you or Scot. We all have been touched and appreciate that we can revisit this telling work. I'm really proud of you and this project...Bless you
Jerry Farnsworth
Basment Collaboration.

Steven said...


the story continues: they are viral.

Anonymous said...

I JUST found out. We didn't know each other, but RIP buddy.

Lee said...

I came across your blog after reading the Wikipedia page on Scot. Let me first say I am so sorry for your loss, Humanity is by bright soul lessened. I have truly enjoyed listening to the wide variety of music here, and without a doubt, his Amazing Grace is the most beautiful, honest, and heartfelt songs I've ever heard. The spheres have many versions of this hymn performed by many a famous choir, but this, sung for the "everyman," brings a genuineness to it that I've never heard before. Thank you so much for posting this.
Lee Thompson
Central KY

Rebecca Dru said...

Robin, I was so sad to learn of Scot's passing. We met him in 1993 at the Beverly Hills Art Fair and bought 2 of his paintings, "Duet" and "Play it Again". To this day, the pleasure I get from seeing these on my walls....is as great as the day I first laid eyes on them. I have a private Salon that I present every 3 months (In My Living Room™) where people come together to eat, drink, mingle in terrific conversations and, if they do desire, share their talents..singing, telling stories...performing a new composition (etc)..and Scot's paintings are always noticed. We wanted to create a feeling in our home and they enhance that.

I haven't finished reading your blog and though I know life goes on and you'll always carry him with you...I can't begin to imagine that kind of loss.

Thank you so much for creating this blog.


Rebecca Dru

Kamal Uddin Azad said...

A fantastic job done!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

RIP, Scot. I never knew you but I wish I did.

Mike Wright said...

I knew of Scot's moment on that fateful night when he delivered for thousands of Who fans and the band. I am sorry to hear that he had passed. Please accept my condolences. Scot was, and will always be, my favorite Who member. A courageous man and a life well lived. I am sorry for your loss.
Mike D

Sidra shahid said...
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Shoeb Ahmed said...
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Bob Frist said...

Im tom smith i hsd the pleasure of making music with Scot. That was in Jamula. He picked some chords. Jerry laid down the groove& I made up a melody. We did more than 100 unique jams this way. Kenny, Scot, Jerry and I...Jamula. sweet little band. I am the only living member now. Humble am I